10 Common Household Pests: How to Keep Them at Bay with Ultrasonic Devices

Household pests come in all varieties: bugs, rodents, and parasitic insects. Depending on where you live and what time of the year it is, you could be dealing with one or more of these unwanted intruders—and it can be difficult to find a versatile solution.

That’s where ultrasonic technology, like Riddex’s Sonic Plus, comes into play. Ultrasonic devices are known for their ability to target the toughest to reach pests. But the benefits don’t stop there. These devices are humane, eco-friendly, and can expel multiple pests at the same time. Let’s cover the 10 most common creatures that ultrasonic repellers work against.

1. Mice

    House mice are one of the most common mammals in the United States, mainly because of how quickly they reproduce. Their large numbers, along with their talent for staying hidden, makes getting rid of them a hassle. For the most part, mice like to stay tucked away in the walls of your home. They only come out when the coast is clear to raid your home for food and nesting material.

    Since they are so evasive, it can be tricky to know what type of pest control to use. Many at-home options are toxic, inhumane, or they simply don’t work. Ultrasonic devices are a great choice, as they can expel large amounts of mice at the same time, without causing any unnecessary suffering.

    2. Rats

    While you’re less likely to find a rat in your home compared to a mouse, the experience is just as unpleasant (if not more).

    Like mice, they take refuge within your walls and sneak out to explore at night. They are also known to gnaw through packaging, chew up electrical wires, and leave behind foul-smelling feces.

    Many people resort to using rodenticide for removal, but it can be highly toxic for pets and wildlife. In contrast, ultrasonic repellers get the job done without any harmful chemicals. The waves emitted by ultrasonic devices, when placed near a rat’s usual path, drive them crazy and cause them to quickly evacuate your home.

    3. Mosquitos

    If you’ve heard buzzing around your ears at night as you’re trying to sleep, you know just how annoying mosquitos can be.

    Mosquitos most commonly show up from March to early November. They especially love warm, humid climates. Not only are they annoying, but they can leave behind itchy and unpleasant welts. Some also carry dangerous diseases, like the West Nile virus.

    Finding and killing them can be tricky, especially at night. And when there’s one mosquito, more are soon to follow. Luckily, ultrasonic frequencies will find all mosquitos and push them out of your home—with no work required on your part.

    4. Cockroaches

    Cockroaches are incredibly common. They’re known for their ability to survive (and thrive) in almost any environment, including your home. If you do have an infestation, it’s best to remove them as soon as possible, as they are unsanitary and can often carry dangerous diseases.

    Although cockroach infestations can be difficult to control, they can be eliminated with the help of ultrasonic repellers. Unlike poisons or traps which may not effectively reach every cockroach, ultrasonic frequencies are able to target and expel the entire intrusion.

    5. Ants

    There are several species of ants that can invade a home. Small black ants may inhabitat your cabinets, while larger carpenter ants chew the wood in your home for nesting material. In both cases, they can be a major nuisance.

    Ants are also known for their ability to form large colonies. This makes it so that they quickly infest homes. Ultrasonic repellers can easily tackle large numbers of pests, so they are an ideal option for dealing with an ant infestation. Be sure to plug the device into all rooms that ants may be inhabiting.

    6. Flies

    With their loud buzzing, flies like to make their presence known. They also frequently land on food and spread their germs. Quick removal is recommended, since they are known for their ability to spread diseases.

    Flies are quick and hard to swat at, especially if there’s more than one. The good news is that when they come into contact with ultrasonic frequencies, they quickly leave the way they came.

    7. Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are many people’s worst nightmare—and for good reason. They’re small, parasitic insects that like to feed on our blood as we sleep at night. They can infest mattresses, box springs, and other furniture.

    They’re also extremely hard to eliminate. Getting rid of a bed bug infestation takes time, so patience is key. Ultrasonic repellers can act as a second line of defense against these highly irritating pests.

    8. Spiders

    For the most part, spiders aren’t considered to be pests. However, most people don’t want them lurking about their home. They can even be poisonous in some cases, like with the brown recluse and black widow.

    Spiders can be found almost anywhere in the home, but they are most commonly near windows, in basements, or under furniture.

    They play a valuable role in our ecosystem, so killing them isn’t an eco-friendly solution. Instead, ultrasonic repellers can be a nonlethal way to get spiders back to the outdoors.

    9. Fleas

    Fleas are small, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. If you have a dog or cat, it’s likely that you’ve dealt with fleas at least once.

    The problem with fleas is that they keep reproducing, so eliminating them in every stage of their lifecycle is important. For an extra layer of repellent, ultrasonic devices can target fleas on carpets, bedding, and other surfaces. Place one device in every room to get the best effect.

    10. Termites

    A termite infestation can quickly become an expensive headache. These wood-eating insects can cause serious structural damage to homes, sometimes racking up to thousands of dollars in repairs.

    Unfortunately, termite infestations are often difficult to detect, as they can live inside walls and furniture for years without being seen. Ultrasonic repellers can be a great preventative tool to ward off termites, as well as being helpful in removing hard-to-control infestations.

    Comprehensive Pest Control

    Finding the right pest control method for you doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you’re experiencing an infestation—whether it be with termites, rodents, fleas, or cockroaches—ultrasonic repellers will take care of it. Riddex’s Sonic Plus is a silent and powerful device works around the clock to drive pests out, with no need for toxic bait, sprays, or painful traps.

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