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Pest defense for large rooms

Riddex® Trisonic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Riddex® Trisonic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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Shield your home with the Riddex TriSonic, the ultimate ultrasonic defender utilizing 3 independent, multidirectional speakers to drive pests away from every direction. Odorless and silent, it's safe for the family and pets, covering up to 2000 square feet. Simple to use, just plug in for 24/7 protection, and enjoy the serenity of a pest-free environment.

  • Safe for Children and non-rodent like pets
  • Inaudible to Humans, Odorless and Chemical Free
  • 1 unit recommended for 1 large room
  • Silently deterring rodents, insects, bug & vermin 
  • Utilizes the latest ultrasonic wave technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Save money on pest control services
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    • As seen on TV. Women-owned business. 30 years of trust.
    • No dangerous chemicals. Safe for children & pets. Fast shipping.